Derby Day Silent Auction

PLEASE READ AND DO THIS!! (Look for a RED shirt for any assistance.)

Again this year, our silent auction will be handled completely electronic. Meaning you will bid with your “smart-phone” only.

Here are the cool perks:

  • All items can be viewed from your phone as well as in person on the auction tables.
  • When you bid, it locks you in until someone outbids you at which time it tells you immediately.
  • You may re-bid at that time.
  • You never have to return to the auction table to keep bidding.
  • You can get in a bidding war and never leave your seat.
  • You can bid a higher amount and if someone bids lower it just tells them they are still outbid.
  • You do not have to be present to bid and win. (If something unforeseen happened, and you had to leave or were unable to attend)
  • You know immediately after auction closes what item(s) you’ve won.
  • You can set-up anytime before the party and not have to worry about it the day of……
  1. Please go to or click >
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Click Register Now
  4. Complete the registration steps.
  5. You will receive a confirmation text to your phone.
  6. Click it and you are good to go!!

This is a secure and protected site.
You WILL have to provide a credit card for registration.
You still have the option at the end of auction to choose

  1. The card you registered with, or
  2. Another payment option.
  3. Your registered CC is not billed unless you choose that method.

Please register before the party.
There will be people on-site to assist anyone that has not. But why wait till then?

Our items can be viewed now as they are being posted now but they will not go LIVE until the day of the event.
Look for a RED shirt for any assistance.