Who is Southwest Ambucs?

Southwest AMBUCS is the Amarillo, Texas area chapter of National AMBUCS™, Inc. AMBUCS is a non-profit service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

Locally, the Southwest Chapter has several organizations we support either by monetary donations or by voluntary help. To name a few:

  • Down Syndrome-Buddy Walk
  • Children’s Rehab Center
  • Special Olympics
  • Gobble Wobble

Members fulfill the organization’s mission by:

  • Performing various forms of community service
  • Donating AmTryke® therapeutic tricycles to individuals who are unable to ride traditional bikes
  • Awarding scholarships to therapists

What is Southwest Ambucs’ History?

Left: National President Ray Schoonover. Right: Alex Stansbury Southwest Chapter of Ambucs President for the year of 1992 to 1993.

Currently, there are approximately 5,700 AMBUCS members in over 135 chapters in 30 states. Why are so many people plugged in? Because AMBUCS is the fun way to serve!AMBUCS members enjoy the following benefits:

Social: Chapters provide fun, innovative service opportunities for people who want to improve their community. By working together, AMBUCS volunteers make their spare time go a long, long way.

Service: When someone joins AMBUCS they join a group of individuals who are ready to make a difference. AMBUCS local and national service programs generate intense satisfaction and pride.

Professional: As members work together, they contribute to chapter activities and goals while learning new skills that can pay lasting dividends in their professional lives. They also have the opportunity to make valuable contacts and develop essential leadership skills.


So that members in every geographical area are represented nationally, AMBUCS chapters gather for regional conferences and meetings. Through their delegates, these chapters elect a member to represent them on the National Board of Directors. He or she then becomes their regional director.

National Conference and Election of National Officers.

Once each year, the delegates and members of all chapters join together in one city for a national conference. At this conference the national president and national president-elect are elected. These members along with region directors and the immediate past national president constitute the AMBUCS National Board of Directors.

National Programs and Committees.

At the beginning of the term of office, the National President appoints national committees, chaired by region directors and others, to study the problems and needs of the association and to propose programs that will strengthen chapters. These committees report to the National Board their recommendations. Once the board approves the programs, they are handed to the Executive Director. Her or she is then responsible for the distribution of information and promotion of the programs.

Triple Chip Chapter

Southwest Ambucs was awarded a Triple Blue Chip Award for 3 straight years of 10% growth in membership. There are only 2 other clubs in the nation with a longer streak.

Southwest Ambucs Fact Sheet

Current Membership:

98 (2-19-2019)

Club Chartered:

Club #620, Chartered 12-1-1973


Ambucs is dedicated to creating independence for people with disabilities. Nationally over $200,000 annually goes towards scholarships for therapists. 3000 AmTrykes/year are provided to those in need throughout the United States.


$50.00 per month. This pays for your meals, national magazine, district and national dues and some club expenses.

Meeting Place:

Amarillo Country Club – 4800 Bushland Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79106


Every Thursday at noon. Duration – 1 hour.


You have to be sponsored by a member in order to join. The Board of Directors has to approve the application and once approved there is a $25.00 initiation fee

plus your $50.00 first months dues. Total $ 75.00

Community Service:

The Southwest Chapter has several organizations we support either by monetary donations or by voluntary help. To name a few:

  • Down Syndrome-Buddy Walk
  • The Turn Center
  • The Bridge
  • “Gobble Wobble”
  • Hope & Healing
  • and Others…


*Nationally: Our club pays $40.00 per member a year to the National Living Endowment Fund. That averages around $4600+ per year. Our cumulative total contribution to this fund since our charter date is $90,000. Over $8 million in scholarships have been awarded to more than 14500 students since 1955.

*Locally, for the last 10 years, our club has been using the national scholarship guidelines to award up to $25,000.00/year in scholarships to local therapy students. We have created our own Living Endowment Fund that totals over $125,000.


AmTrykes are a national symbol for the Ambucs organization. Through 2015 our chapter has donated over 1400 of these special tricycles to disabled children since its creation by the Longview, TX Ambucs Chapter in 1990. A qualification process takes place for the child and as long as the tryke will benefit him or her we’ll give it to them – no charge. What a great feeling it is to see that child’s smile and how the self-esteem level rises since now they have a bike like everyone else. When they ride they are performing therapy on themselves.


Socials are held on a monthly basis with many of them centered around activities for the whole family. We like to have fun. It keeps the club active and close where you can develop lifelong friendships. Join in! Examples

  • Lake Outings
  • Private Parties
  • Golf & Fishing Trips
  • Bowling Tournaments
  • Local Sporting Events Super Bowl Party
  • Valentines Dinner

Fund Raisers:

Everyone participates in our fund raisers in order to make them successful. In 2004 we created “The Outback Derby Day” as our major fund raiser. A social for over 500 people celebrating the Kentucky Derby the first Saturday in May. You can watch the Derby, enjoy free food, drinks, a live and silent auction plus live entertainment. We sell admission to raise monies for our local scholarships and AmTrykes. In completing our 12h Annual event in 2015, we made over $70,000.00 for our Club and Programs.

“Gobble Wobble” – Our Fall fundraiser – We use United Supermarkets and the Professionals at Edes Custom Meats, in Amarillo, gather and smoke 800 Turkey’s. We gave away another 800 frozen turkeys. A $100.00 donation gets you a smoked turkey and another one goes to a local charity to help feed the needy at Thanksgiving. A great time is had by all and we raise over $50,000.

Club Operation:

An elected board and its committees direct the club. Each member participates in a committee of their choice. Ambucs is a national organization with approximately 5000 members, 140 Clubs in 30 States. National and Regional conventions are held along with training seminars for new officers. Our Club has been ranked in the Top 10 Clubs in the Nation for the past 12 years. Setting the pace!